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Digital Clinical Intelligence

Based on its clinical expertise George Health Technologies is transforming the delivery of essential care for chronic diseases to make proven personalised healthcare plans widely accessible to patients, their physicians and carers. Our clinical intelligence platform – SMARThealth – enables early detection of multiple chronic disease risks, creates a personalised, guideline-based care plan and manages follow up to improve treatment adherence.

8 million deaths

in low-and middle-income countries are due to conditions that should be treatable by the health system.

1 Evaluate 2016

over 50%

of patients are not on guideline-based care in established markets and it’s estimated that 80% are not in emerging countries

2 TGI Research – Webster 2004

5.4x higher

costs for treating multi-morbidity patients than patients with no diseases and 2.7x more than single disease patients

3 Economic burden of multimorbidity among older adults: impact on healthcare and societal costs. Pubmed

Billions of dollars are spent advancing evidenced-based medical knowledge and establishing treatment protocols and guidelines. However, data shows that there is a significant gap between the care that patients should be getting and the care they actually receive. SMARThealth was designed and tested to close this critical gap. Its intelligent clinical decision support and patient assistance tools are proven to s deliver better care and improve health outcomes around the world.

What we do

George Health Technologies uses clinically proven digital health algorithms to cut through complexity and transform the management of multiple diseases in a single patient. SMARThealth uses these algorithms to screen for high risk patients and provide personalised, guideline-based programs that manage patients with multi-morbidities. Harnessing the latest clinical knowledge at the point-of-care saves primary care and specialist providers valuable time and increases the quality of care and outcomes for those most at risk. Our patient engagement tools are a catalyst to motivate patients to adhere to the management of their conditions.

George Health Technologies partners with organisations globally to improve patient outcomes for the treatment of non-communicable diseases.

Our partners include care providers, insurers, employers and health delivery companies to deliver high-quality care at a much lower cost than is currently possible.


Led by the clinical experts at The George Institute, SMARThealth has already been tested in four countries across Asia. Its user interfaces have been co-designed with patients, providers and payers. Our training and integration programs have achieved dramatic improvements using existing health workforces. This cost-effective approach brings considerable benefits to the health system.


350k patients

and counting

We have


guideline-based care with >100% improvements

We have

very cost effective interventions using WHO guidelines


SMARThealth is used by doctors and community healthcare workers to assist with screening, diagnosis and treatment plans across Australia, China, India and Indonesia. It’s flexible to adapt to the local clinical guidelines and technology environment.

SMARThealth can help

improved health outcomes

in at risk patients and reduce hidden care gaps

SMARThealth can help


high risk populations effectively

SMARThealth can help

easily track

follow up by care team members


Identifying and reducing care gaps for high risk members of the population is critical to reducing medical expenditures within the community. But SMARThealth can also ensure real benefits are delivered at the point of care. Our research demonstrates better guideline based care is an effective way to deliver sizeable reductions in avoidable hospitalisations. Offering SMARThealth tools to patients not only helps to improve their health, it provides the best platform to build lifetime value for member based organisations. With access to leading health economists at the George Institute, we can customise an economic evaluation of the SMARThealth tool and/or other health policy interventions.

We can


avoidable hospitalisations

We can


customer engagement and loyalty

We can

track quality outcomes

amongst preferred care organisations


SMARThealth is its simple and easy for patients to access and actively manage their chronic diseases. Quality patient education tools are used to keep patients informed and personalised reminders are sent to ensure adherence. In Australia this resulted in an 18% increase in diagnostic tests and over 60% escalation in medications.

We can


patient understanding

We can

improved medication

and testing adherence

We can


medications used Doubled blood pressure achievements

Why SMARThealth

Key benefits of using the SMARThealth software as a service suite by George Health Technologies:

1. Patient focused

SMARThealth has been designed from the start to cater for multi-morbidities rather than individual diseases. This approach saves clinicians time and is the best fit for the growing chronic disease burden amongst patients.

2. Clinically proven

Tested in rigorous clinical trials in over 150k patients and counting across Asia. Customers benefit from knowing their solution has worked and been based on real, in-the-field testing

3. Change that works

Successful health outcomes need more than just technology with 80% of IT projects failing. George Health Technologies takes a new approach leveraging our clinical leadership. We get the provider and patient journeys right to set up our customer partnerships for success. Our software has been co-designed with providers, patients and payers to ensure it delivers to their needs and avoids alert fatigue.

4. Clinical leadership

Our intelligent clinical decision support solution has been built using the world-leading expertise of The George Institute. The results have been rigorously tested and proven effective in multiple countries ensure patients receive the best possible care

5. Cost-effective outcomes

SMARThealth has been designed and tested to work in low resource settings. It supports frontline care workers to identify and treat people at high risk of chronic disease. It has been evaluated as highly costs effective using WHO guidelines.

6. Patient engagement

Improvements in guideline-based care needs both the provider and patient to work together. SMARThealth has simple, effective data and information displays. These create more time for the doctor to spend time with the patient and engage them in their care plan. SMARThealth sends automated, personalised prompts to patients and can track results.

7. Continuous improvement

SMARThealth analytics provides a feedback loop that helps healthcare workers and administrators track care delivery. This ensures high risk patients are followed up in a timely and appropriate manner.

8. Flexible technology

The SMARThealth is designed to work with any bandwidth quality. Our account management team customises the solution to fit your local environment.

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