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George Health is at the heart of developing innovative treatments for the world’s biggest killers.

As a ‘profit for purpose’ firm, George Health is on a mission to deliver affordable, scalable treatments and technologies. Our goal is simply to help people live longer and to improve the sustainability of health systems, benefiting employers and other payers. We are focused on bringing new cost-effective approaches to the management of patients with chronic disease, to increase treatment efficacy, safety, access and adherence.

What makes George Health different is:

Unparalleled expertise.

We have exclusive access to The George Institute’s world-leading scientific expertise through its centres in Australia, China, India and the UK, and its international network of experts and collaborators.

A disruptive business model.

We focus on late-stage development of research-proven products and disruptive technologies, improving time to market, reducing technical risk, and minimising capital requirements.

Global ambition.

To halve the risk of early death and long-term disability globally, we are providing innovative, evidence-based treatments and technologies for underserved populations in all resource settings.

Two decades of leading global research

George Health was established to commercialise the research of The George Institute for Global Health, one of the world’s leading medical research institutes in non-communicable diseases. This outstanding knowledge base means that George Health can provide not only fast, affordable, simple and scalable new treatments for patients, but also exciting investment opportunities combining strong commercial returns with real social impact.

There is increasing demand for new treatments and ways to manage chronic disease, driven by a growing ageing population and lack of access to appropriate medical treatments and services globally.

To meet this need, George Health has four established businesses that are poised for significant growth, and integrated in a way that enables innovative health products and services to be taken all the way from concept to market, in a relatively short time frame. This capability is usually only available within big pharma or medical technology companies.

George Health has exclusive commercial rights to all intellectual property of The George Institute, as well as exclusive access to the expertise and support of the Institute. The Institute’s focus on late stage clinical research for chronic disease means that medicines and technologies are proven before George Health commercialises, resulting in a much higher probability of success rate than is usual in the industry.

An experienced management team leads George Health with a long industry track record in drug development and commercialisation, biotechnology, healthcare delivery and venture capital investment in established and emerging markets. Coupled with the global scientific leadership of The George Institute, our business has potential for real social and economic impact.

Profit with purpose – delivering sustainable impact and attractive returns

Better treatments, Better care,
Healthier societies

New Frontiers


Science, service, solutions. A leading CRO in Asia-Pacific with global capabilities.

Novel Treatments


Innovative, affordable treatments for the leading causes of death globally.

Disruptive technologies

George Health Technologies

Affordable, personalised digital health care for all.

Device Pioneering

Ellen Medical Devices

The world’s first affordable dialysis system.

The George Institute Annual Report 2020

For George Health, 2019 and 2020 were watershed years. Multiple investors stepped forward to complete a capital raise of $53 million to back George Health’s ‘profit with purpose’ vision: improving and lengthening people’s lives, boosting health system sustainability and generating strong financial returns.

Read our year in review in The George Institute’s Annual Report 2020.