George Medicines

George Medicines makes it faster, easier, and less costly to extend the lives of millions of people.

George Medicines is an innovative late-stage drug development company focused on the large, expanding and underserved market for the management of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). George Medicines is developing treatments designed to provide improved clinical outcomes among patients with cardiometabolic diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes, which remain the leading causes of premature death and disability worldwide. By combining established drugs in innovative fixed-dose formulations, George Medicines is creating treatments that are more efficacious, safer and affordable than the current alternatives. George Medicines has access to the research base and scientific expertise of The George Institute for Global Health.

George Medicines has a strong and diversified pipeline of affordable, effective and safe drug combination products in late stage development. These novel treatments, most of which are patent protected, are designed to ensure maximum efficacy, safety, and adherence. The pipeline includes a near-registration medicine for the secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease (heart attack and stroke), a proprietary phase III medicine for the initial treatment of high blood pressure, and an innovative treatment for type 2 diabetes. These conditions remain among the biggest killers in both developed and developing countries and thereby represent a significant underserved market opportunity.

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Innovative, affordable treatments for the leading causes of death globally.

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The world’s first affordable dialysis system.

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