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Learn more about our work at George Health and across our commercial businesses.


2022 – George Medicines’ Year in Review

2022 was a year of significant progress at George Medicines, as we further advanced the development of our single-pill, multi-mechanism drug combinations – central to our mission of extending and improving the lives of those suffering from non-communicable diseases, which remain the world’s leading causes of death and disability. Improving efficacy and adherence in hypertension …


Spotlight on Professor Clare Arnott, The George Institute for Global Health

In the latest instalment of our Spotlight interview series, we sat down with Professor Clare Arnott, Head of Cardiovascular Program and Co-Director Global Better Treatments at The George Institute for Global Health, George Medicines’ academic partner. In this interview, Clare discusses her role at the Institute, her clinical expertise as a specialist cardiologist and her involvement with George Medicines …


Spotlight on Dr Karl Roberts, Chief Operating Officer, George Medicines

In the latest instalment of George Medicines’ Spotlight interview series, Chief Operating Officer, Karl Roberts, tells us what drew him to George Medicines and how the company’s pipeline, alongside its partnership approach with other healthcare companies and organisations, has the potential to change the treatment paradigm for people living with non-communicable diseases, wherever they live …


In conversation with Professor Neil Poulter on May Measurement Month

Raised blood pressure is the number one cause of preventable death worldwide, and more than half of people who are hypertensive don’t know they have the condition. Over a billion people worldwide have hypertension, with most (two-thirds) living in low- and middle-income countries. Fewer than one in five people with hypertension have the problem under …


Profiles in Passion George Clinical Scientific Leadership, Oncology Ralph Boccia

The People of George Clinical Profiles in Passion Nothing defines the unique character of George Clinical more than the people who do the important work of researching treatments and clinical practices that will shape medical policies and practices in every corner of the world. While our Scientific Leadership Team members are a diverse group from …


Spotlight on Stefan König, Chief Executive Officer

In the first of George Medicines’ Spotlight series of interviews, Chief Executive Officer, Stefan König, discusses his career, what led him to join George Medicines and how the Company is aiming to address the huge unmet need in hypertension treatment Can you tell us about your career before joining George Medicines? What motivated and inspired …


Affordability and Efficiency is the Future of Healthcare

Healthcare is usually a slow-moving industry, and mostly for good reason. In medicine, patient safety and evidence-based practice are king. Researchers, clinicians, innovators and the MedTech and pharma industries must perform rigorous clinical trials and navigate complex regulatory environments, to bring new drugs and devices to market. But I think we can all agree that …