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Balancing profit and purpose towards achieving healthier living for all

There should be no boundaries between business and social impact. Being a sustainable and profitable company is what enables us to continue delivering on our mission over the long term.

“Our business goals and mission are designed for impact. By delivering strong revenue growth, progressing clinical trials that bring our innovative treatment approaches closer to commercial launch and growing our suite of data-driven products and services that can strengthen local health systems, we remain focused on bringing innovative, affordable and scalable healthcare solutions to those with the greatest need.”

Staph Leavenworth Bakali, President and Chief Executive Officer, George Health

Profit with purpose

We believe the pursuit of commercial success across our three businesses can bring about the greatest social and economic impact, aligned to a purpose-led strategy that is focused on delivering innovative, affordable, and scalable solutions targeting NCDs.

The momentum for investing in opportunities with the potential to tackle the greatest global issues and challenges has never been stronger. Driven by an ageing population, a growing understanding of global health disparities and an increasing awareness of the potential of investment as a lever for delivering financial and societal value, demand is rising across all generations, geographies and genders. It is a demand that is increasingly backed by a supportive investment, political and regulatory environment to help drive changes and advances in sustainable investing.

Investors in George Health share our impact mission and understand how powerfully their decisions can drive positive health outcomes globally. These are investments that truly focus on making a difference to the health of millions of people while delivering globally competitive financial returns.

Positively impacting society and generating strong financial returns

Our business model – pursuing commercial success through our three businesses – can deliver a sustainable global health impact, bring strong financial returns to shareholders, and enable re-investment across the three businesses to support our long-term growth and The George Institute’s world-leading research activities.

2 billion
people suffering from non communicable diseases (NCDs).

This number is growing as populations age, presenting a huge human and financial challenge to patients, health providers and insurers.
US$500 billion
total product market for NCDs.

This is a significant market opportunity and George Health is responding to it rapidly.
$1 billion
raised for research by The George Institute since 1999.

George Health has exclusive access to the world-leading research and expertise of The George Institute, which has been at the forefront of innovative research for NCDs for two decades.