Extraordinary achievements under unprecedented conditions,” is how Chief Medical Officer Maria Ali describes the reality of a George Clinical team drawing on proven working models, established global relationships and an unflinching dedication to implement a clinical trial in a matter of weeks during a global pandemic.

Getting the job done despite extreme conditions

The extreme conditions of initiating a major global COVID-19 trial in the midst of pandemic lockdowns and limited resources only strengthened the resolve of George Clinical team members to do whatever was necessary to achieve critical, positive results. The experience of initiating any global clinical trial across timelines, continents and languages is daunting in the best of times. But doing so at the height of a pandemic under extreme pressure to expedite all timelines was a venture into uncharted territory. Never before had nearly every person around the world involved in a major clinical trial been under lockdown, forced to work remotely from home while facing perhaps the most critical deadlines in their careers. At the heart of all George Clinical researchers is a mission to improve the health of millions of people worldwide, and the prospect of helping provide an at-risk patient population with a better chance of surviving COVID-19 excited and inspired the team to do go above and beyond previous trial experiences.

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