George Health Technologies

Evidence-based intelligence


Our goal is to help improve health outcomes and create more efficient, high-performing and equitable health systems that work better for everyone.

We use evidence and insights to drive decisions and transform the delivery of healthcare by providing our customers with leading-edge data and technology products and services.

+100 experts

analysts, programmers, biostatisticians, epidemiologists, clinicians and researchers

+20 years

global research of The George Institute and expertise in health systems

+300 people and partners

across Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the US

Our products and services

We draw on years of clinical experience in diverse health systems to deliver the right solutions – ones that meet your organisational and business needs and create impact.

Population Insights

Population health analytics

An analytics platform that optimises your data and delivers actionable, pragmatic insights and strategies

Connected Care

A care management platform that enhances communication and coordination amongst your patients and health workforce.

Outcomes Driven Care

better population health

A financial resource management solution that embeds value and outcomes-based models into financial management systems

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Profit with purpose – delivering sustainable impact and attractive returns

Better treatments, Better care,
Healthier societies

New Frontiers


Science, service, solutions. A leading CRO in Asia-Pacific with global capabilities.

Novel Treatments


Innovative, affordable treatments for the leading causes of death globally.

Disruptive technologies

George Health Technologies

Evidence-based intelligence transforming the delivery of health care

Device Pioneering

Ellen Medical Devices

The world’s first affordable dialysis system.